Bus Contracts

Bus Contracts You may have worked out by reading this blog that I have been trying to get a novel published for some time and you’ll see from my previous blogs that it’s finally happened for me.  Bloodhound Books have agreed to publish my Locked series starring Charlie Bell, ex-cop, convicted murderer, absent father –… Continue reading

Yes is Not the Only Answer

Yes is Not the Only Answer If you’re asking someone “Will you do [whatever]?” it is a closed question.  That means it can be answered with a “Yes” or a “No.”  Two options. Not one. Two. “No” is as valid and acceptable an answer as “Yes.” When I’m asked for something, I like to say “Yes,” most people… Continue reading

Write Away

Write Away Last time I blogged I may have mentioned being a happy bunny because I got a three book deal.  Well, now I can actually give a few more details. I’ve agreed to publish Locked Up, Locked In and Locked Down with Bloodhound Books, I know this is going to happen because I (a)… Continue reading

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