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Locked Series

Charlie Bell is an ex-cop who killed a man knowing it was the only form of justice that could ever be dealt. Even as an ex-cop he can’t quite stop investigating, so it’s hardly surprising when, while LOCKED UP, he ends up investigating a murder. Back on the outside he finds himself LOCKED IN with a gang of bank robbers, and finally, he has to work to get the man responsible for it all LOCKED DOWN.

  • Locked Up
  • Locked In
  • Locked Down



Shades of Aether

Bound together by an unexpected legacy, Lord Fotheringham and Amethyst Forester have to work together to solve a murder few even believe is murder.

  • Shades of Aether
  • Echoes of Aether
  • Speed of Aether
  • Time of Aether
  • Flights of Aether




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