Series of Aether

Amethyst Forester

Middle child in the family of six children, she’s still the middle child as she one of twins born in the third ‘batch’.  She’s independent, curious and intelligent.  Which means she is uncomfortable with the restrictions of Victorian England, and the expectations her family put on her. The one thing they can’t control is who she choices to be friends with. Ever grateful to live in an age of wonder, making friends with Professor Richards was a boon, and his teaching really opened her eyes to the science of Aether.  Aetheric power is one of the greatest wonders, the possibilities seem endless, so why wouldn’t she explore them?  


Lord Fotheringham, the Fifth Earl of Umbria is a man of duty and honour, finds his life as constricting as the starched collars his valet sometimes ties deliberately too tight.  He takes his role in the House of Lords very seriously; he takes everything seriously, too seriously. Including wedding vows and a marriage, a wife he can’t abide, but can’t leave either.  His only pleasures in life are the few true friends he has.  Friends like Professor Richards, and why not his interesting young protégée?  


Detective Inspector Dean Jenson.  He’s got through life by being dutiful and diligent; becoming a policeman was a natural choice.  When called to Belgravia Square because some slip of a girl thinks that a man who died of natural causes has been murdered, why wouldn’t he go?  Even if only to allay a young girls fears. 

Great-Aunt Flora

Best described in her own words: “I am eighty-eight years old, young lady. I have outlived three husbands, four children and even two grandchildren. I will not waste my time on being nice when there are faster ways to live.”  Watch out for her cane – it bites! 

The Forester Family

Alan Forester; father, merchant. Louise Forester; mother and 11 years her husband’s junior.  They had a jewel box of children and a secret that has yet to seep out.

Sapphire; the eldest, now mother to the expanding Doherty family.
Jasper; a serial entrepreneur and happily unmarried.
Jade and Amethyst; Aether enthusiast twins, Jade is no longer with us.
Emerald; the sweetheart finding her feet in the world.
Ruby; the headstrong girl who chaffs at being the ‘baby’ of the family.