This new page will focus on some of the stuff I find interesting about Crime, Crime Writing and other crime related things. 

Have finally got around to becoming a member of the Crime Writers Association.



Some interesting things have been going on in the criminal world of late, the issues of the convictions over the Russell Murders, the changes of the IPCC.  good things worth looking into.

So’s my latest book:

Locked Up - fear


Them and us


Was a cop


When I was writing Locked Up, I had to do a lot of research.  The difficulties for me were that it’s set in a prison, a male prison.  As a law abiding female, I’ve never been in one of those.  Not as a visitor, or a teacher or any of the various positions that get held down by civilians.  So I had to do my research.  A lot of internet searching was done of course, pictures too.  Then there was the contacting actual prisons for their rules – some of which were a real surprise.  What was also a surprise, but probably shouldn’t have been, was that certain prisons simply wouldn’t help.  Clearly they were keen not to let too much detail get out.

LifeInsideOne book that I found useful was “A Life Inside a prisoner’s notebook” by Erwin James.   Now I’m not out to make a life of crime look like a good thing, it isn’t.  There is no honour amongst thieves, crime doesn’t really pay.  But sometimes adversity can bring out the best in a person.  And for Erwin Jones it’s brought out an impressive way of writing.  The book is definitely one worth reading.

I just hope people find what I write interesting and believable.


Locked Up is released 7th September, when I’ll be up in Stirling attending Bloody Scotland, hope I see some of you there.