Lunatics have fun at the Asylum

Lunatics have fun at the Asylum

Lunatics have fun at the Asylum

I am late posting this because I’ve had a lot of painful diversions this week, which I’m not going to go into in this post.  Anyway, I wrote this at home last Monday.  My achy feet up, the corset off, I was surrounded by evidence of cogtourrets having infected the whole household.

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about – let me explain. We; me, my husband and our daughter; attended the Asylum Steampunk Festival 2017.

Asylum has been running for 9 years, and is officially the largest steampunk festival in the universe – a NASA scientist says so, and it did attract in the region of 120,000 visitors. The event is held in Lincoln, this year it was split between the Campus of Bishop Grosseteste (no I don’t know how to pronounce that properly either) and a few venues in the old town part of Lincoln. Look you want to know the details and history of the event, here’s the website – – go check it out, I’m only going to report what I experienced.

I heard about the weekend from a friend, and as soon as I looked into it, I thought “yes, I’m going.” It didn’t take much to persuade my husband to come too, or our daughter. I was a little worried in case they didn’t find stuff that they were really interested in – but that didn’t concern didn’t last long once we got there.

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