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There are a variety of different editing levels.  I am what’s called a structural editor (also known as developmental editor).  This means I am often the first person other than the writer to see a story.  So I’m here to make sure the story makes sense, follows the laws of nature/physics/magic, that the arcs arc, that loose ends are tied up (unless they shouldn’t be), and that the author has made the best of their own ideas without falling into too many troupe traps.

I help others make their stories better.

Along with detailed comments, questions, and suggestions in the edited manuscript, clients get a full critique document giving an overall review of the manuscript.  I specialise in crime and science fiction, and my particular penchant is for getting timelines straight, a timeline that doesn’t hold water brings me out in a veritable rash but don’t worry I can cope with time travel so no fears there.

I offer competitive rates based on word count and timeframe.  Because I recognise that the relationship between an author and editor is a mutual choice and needs to be a natural fit, I am also prepared to offer a free sample edit of up to 3,000 words so that the author can decide if I’m the right editor for them.


Contact me if you have questions or a want a quote.


You don’t have to believe me, here’s what others say:

“Gail has done three structural edits on two of my crime novels and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is supportive and approachable and I was particularly struck by her thoroughness and attention to detail. Aside from a great editing job she undertakes extensive research to double-check facts on behalf of the writer. She also had some highly insightful comments to make about my characters and plot. Indeed I came away feeling she knew my main character better than me!! 

I am now at the stage of having sent my first manuscript, ‘Who Robbed The Dead?’ off to publishers and am delighted to say I am getting some very positive feedback. Much of this I attribute to Gail for helping make me a much better writer. I will definitely be using her services in the future.”

Tana Collins, author of “Who Robbed The Dead” and “Care To Die”

“As a first-time novelist, I wasn’t used to dealing with an editor, but Gail helped me all the way and was very easy to work with. From copy-editing to developmental advice, her reports were thorough and detailed. It was quite a shock when I saw just how much she had picked up on, but once I calmed down and looked at it in detail, I could see that she was absolutely right. I will definitely be using her again and highly recommend her.”

From A M Thomas, author of  “Intruders: Flight of the Kestrel”


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    1. Gail B Williams

      I do that too. Generally, I quote on a case by case basis, tend to find that people understand what I’m going to do as a structural editor, but different people expect different things from a copy editor, hence the fact that I’m hedging here. It’s a case of been burnt before and want to be sure that the client understands exactly what they’ll get from a copy editing job.


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