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Hi all,

I need your help, selling books is a business and that’s something I really want to do well.

I think most people know that Amazon runs algorithms on books and only promotes when a book has a certain number of reviews.  And there are levels to those algorithms. The more reviews the book gets, the more Amazon will promote it.  So please, please, if you’ve read any of my books, please post a review.  You don’t have to write masses, “I enjoyed reading this” is enough, but please, if you did enjoy my work, leave an honest review and tell other readers.

Thank you for your support.


Coming Out of It

ife is full of difficult moments, tough choices.  I’ve not been around much this last month because I’ve been walking with the Black Dog. That doesn’t mean that I’ve been doing nothing. Mostly I’ve been writing and trying, and I’m going to keep on writing and trying, and who knows sometime it might pay off.

Today I wrote a passage about a character who did something only to feel crushed and embarrassed by the action later. That’s something I’ve done, I’m sure a lot of other people had done the same.  It got me thinking. I’ve been reflecting on how my life shows in my writing. And it does. While I’m not adventurous, I don’t have the courage my characters show, I sure know how to make myself feel bad. I look at the characters that I put on paper and I put them through hell because that’s the crap I put myself through.

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Train Ride for the Dead

Most of us think of trains as a thing to take the living to work or for pleasure.  But that wasn’t always the case.

When cholera epidemic in 1848-49 struck, the cemeteries of London were full, and the dead had to be taken elsewhere.  So they built a railway for the dead, complete with a luxury lounge for the first class mourners.

I stumbled over this while looking for funeral arrangements in the 1800s, and the more I read the more interesting I though it.  The articles I read were more interesting than any I can lay before you, so the links are below.

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