Locked Series

[toggle_wrap][toggle title=”Charlie Bell“]With an over-developed sense of justice, joining the police had been a natural decision for Charlie. Of course the reality of the world and the job had soon knocked the clarity out of that idealism. The system sometimes felt weighted the favour of the guilty. The burden of proof too heavy.

His dedication to the job was a problem when it came to women. So much so he’d had to go to court just to be allowed to see his son, the boy’s mother having decided she hated him and all he represented.

It was being a father and seeing what was being done to young children, mixed with the systems inability to prosecute the perpetrator that drove Charlie to cross the line and pull the trigger. Being judge, jury and executioner didn’t sit well with Charlie but if it saved even one kid it was worth it. Even though incarceration meant he no longer got to see his own beautiful boy. [/toggle][/toggle_wrap]

[toggle_wrap][toggle title=”Ariadne Teddington“]Life had definitely happened while Ariadne was making other plans. Being a natural with logic and planning Ariadne had excelled in IT, so meeting and marrying the guy top in their class had been as natural as falling in love with him. Their careers had been solid; they were as compatible as any young couple could hope to be. Having a baby girl was the icing on a cake. Ariadne didn’t think she could be happier, but Fate had more in store for her.  A few short months later baby Sasha was taken by cot death. At a time when she needed him the most, her husband pulled away, blaming her for Sasha’s loss. It hadn’t taken long for their marriage to fall apart, so she headed to the only place she could, home to her widowed mother. Childhood friend Enzo Sanchez had told her there was a possible opening where he worked, HMP Blackmarch. Prison Officer wasn’t the career she’d ever considered but she needed to work.  Surprising herself, she’d quickly found she loved the job. [/toggle][/toggle_wrap]

[toggle_wrap][toggle title=”DCI Piper“]A career copper, there was little in DCI Piper’s professional life that he regretted, he did what he needed to do.  He followed the rules, worked within the system.  He did what he could to be a good example. [/toggle][/toggle_wrap]

[toggle_wrap][toggle title=”Rhys Mansel-Jones“]Rhys runs a very successful import/export business. He’s perfectly ‘legit’.  As far as authorities can tell.  [/toggle][/toggle_wrap]


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