Murder Tydfil Series

[toggle_wrap][toggle title=”Ruth Atkins“]A mother at 16, thrown out by her family, disowned, she was living in a single room, her baby had a drawer instead of a cot.  She was desperately afraid that Social Services were going to take her son away.  So it was hardly surprising that when a successful businessman asked her to marry him to cover his own infertility, that she said yes.

Joining the Police was a bit of a surprise, but as soon as she was in, she knew she was in the right place.  Suddenly she had a husband, a home, a career, and she loved her life.  She worked hard, made the grade and was the youngest Detective Inspector in the Division.

When her partner retired and she was told she was getting a new DS transferring up from Cardiff, she didn’t know what to expect.  Whatever she did expect, it wasn’t what she got in DS Madoc Palmer. [/toggle][/toggle_wrap]

[toggle_wrap][toggle title=”Madoc Palmer“]The youngest of six, Madoc has always been a family man.  He had made his mistakes, but joining the police wasn’t one of them whatever some of the family said.  He transferred from Cardiff to be closer to his family, but he hadn’t banked on the impact DI Atkins was going to have.  [/toggle][/toggle_wrap]

[toggle_wrap][toggle title=”Tom Bomber“]Having studied to be a surgeon, Tom found dealing with people as annoying as he found most of them mis-pronouncing his name.  He didn’t drop bombs on people, it was Bom-ber.  But a stint in A&E, and seeing a couple of people die for no obvious reason, convinced him what he wanted to do was solve the mystery, and that moment he knew pathology was his path.

Based in Cardiff’s Heath Hospital, Tom Bomber was the Chief Medical Examiner. [/toggle][/toggle_wrap]

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