The Names are out of the hat!

Shades, Book 1 of the Aether Chronicles is now available on Audible.   To celebrate this event, I’m offering readers the chance to get a name in a new series I’m working on.

Set in a Victorianesque civilisation, with multiracial, and inclusive characters, this is a whole new world, but one that explores the need for both logic and spiritual outlooks.

I’m looking to populate this world with some new characters.  The series is in very early stages, planned, but only one chapter written so far, so it will be a while before you see anything of it. I haven’t even worked out a working title, let alone the final one yet – it’s that early stage. But what I can assure you is that the winning names will be used such that the character will be in a story critical scene, not just a throwaway name. Or, if the name really captures my imagination, they might become a main character.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday 17th, here, on Facebook @ShadesOfAether, Twitter @ShadesOfAether, and Instagram @abibardenauthor.


The first names out of the hat were:

Gethin J Borsaen, and supplied by John Wilson
Brian Howells, supplied by Tony J Fyler

John and Tony, you’ll be receiving your download codes by email shortly. Gethin J Borsaen will be appearing as a pathologist, and Brian Howells, is now the Chief Constable.

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