I write crime, no shocker there.  I try to keep my writing real, so some are hard-boiled, some of it is gentler. Thing is, I write about humans, and my characters don’t always do what I was expecting them to, so there are often surprises along the way. When reading you might squirm, you might cry, you may even hate me, but I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

Elaine Blake’s world has changed beyond recognition.In the last seven days, she’s become a widow — possibly; travelled aboard alone for the first time; learned she has been betrayed, and that very dangerous people will kill to get their hands on the evidence they believe she has.

But all she has to go on is a nonsensical cypher, a target on her back and a large dose of paranoia and fear.

Cast alone into a world of espionage, can Elaine survive? To do so she has to remember who she once was. And reveal the secrets she’s kept for the last 25 years.

For Elaine Blake, marriage was never a word, it was a sentence. For 25 years, they had all been lying to her.

Now the liar in chief, her husband Jason, is reported dead. Information he was supposed to hand to his spy bosses is missing.

Then, a phone call – a foster son in serious trouble. And news that her husband may not be dead after all. Jason doesn’t matter, but Elaine will do anything to save her son.

Even if she has to race to Paris, dodge assassins and hunt for evidence the best of spies can’t find.

On a snowbound Cader Idris, death comes stalking.

Pen y Cwm: Cobb is running from his traumatic past. He hopes that burying himself in a small village on a Welsh mountainside will help, but Branwen Jones, local vet and member of the Mountain Rescue Team, will not let him.

Efficient and organised, Branwen firmly believes that getting Cobb actively involved in village life is the only way to help him recover. And it doesn’t hurt that Cobb is ruggedly good looking.

London: Jay Whitney is a grey-hat hacker, breaking into systems for the sheer fun of the challenge. Though if he happens to make some money out of it too, well, there are worse ways of making a living. But the day he hacks into Nemesis Records and finds himself with some very dodgy files, Jay learns that he has overreached himself.

With two hit-men on his heels, Jay flees to Wales, a decision that will have deadly consequences for Branwen, Cobb and the people of Pen y Cwm.

Can a brutal murder be buried by red tape?

Ex-Detective Sergeant Charlie Bell is serving time for taking the law into his own hands.

Prison Officer Ariadne Teddington is surrounded by people who lie. Something to be expected when working in a prison. But it seems not all the liars are behind the bars.

When an inmate is killed, Charlie is forced into investigating. Finding an unexpected ally in Ariande puts him in a difficult position. He’s crossed a few lines in his time – can he cross this one?

Can a prison officer and a convicted killer together solve a brutal murder?
And if they do, will they survive the truth?

Ariadne Teddington is having a bad day. Then someone points a gun in her face.

Caught in the nightmare of a bank robbery turned hostage situation, Ariadne keeps her head down and her mouth shut.  If there is one thing criminals hate more than coppers it’s prison guards.

Outside DCi Matthew Piper has to juggle controlling the situation and wondering what happened to his informant. Just where is Charlie Bell?

Trapped with a child, a policeman, a robber too close to the edge, can Ariadne and the other hostages escape unharmed?

When everyone is locked in, will anyone get out alive?

How far is too far to stop a crime syndicate?

While investigating a cold case, DCI Matthew Piper dredges up the unexpected, which becomes all the more unwelcome when it links to a current missing persons enquiry.

Charlie Bell has lost everything. Everything except the goal of locking down the crime syndicate run by Mansel-Jones.

Having retreated to recover after a car crash, Ariadne Teddington is forced to face past she has always struggled to deal with.  Returning home to meet her mother’s new lodger makes life a rollercoaster she can’t get off.

Can the present overcome the past to get a crime syndicate locked down for once and for all?
And can any of them afford the price?