What is steampunk? Steampunk for me is modern technology based on steam and ‘aether’ in a Victorian setting. There are elements of history in here, but if you spot that something isn’t quite as it was, remember that I’m working in an alternate history, so it won’t be what you read about in the history books.

This is where I become Abi Barden, this is to distinguish my steampunk work from my crime fiction. I love working in this genre, it freeing and fun, and I’m looking forward to introducing you to more and more of Amethyst and her friends and family.

I currently have a competition running, have a go if you can.


Shades: A Steampunk Fantasy Adventure (Aether Chronicles Book 1) by [Abi Barden]

Money, a mansion, and a mystery. Not an inheritance she ever expected.

Amethyst Forester is a scientist, not a lady.

Benjamin Maker is a lord, trapped in a loveless marriage.

The only thing they have in common is Professor Richards—a genius Aetheric scientist.

When Richards is found dead, Amethyst and Benjamin are put in an impossible situation. They jointly inherit his house, its contents, and the mystery of his murder.

Could the Professor have been killed for one of his experiments? And if so, what if someone’s still looking for it?

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A country house retreat with friends like Benjamin Maker should be exactly the relaxation Amethyst Forester needs.

But this country house comes with unbearable snobbery and a missing person. Needing support, Amethyst calls Inspector Jenson to come and investigate.

As jealousies and hatred threaten both Maker and Amethyst, Jenson becomes their greatest ally.

Amethyst’s inventions are increasing her fortunes, both good and bad, making her a target. Already off-kilter after an unexpected proposal, Amethyst finds something she believed lost forever.

When Jenson uncovers a conspiracy against the monarchy, can he and Amethyst work together to lay ghosts to rest and keep the Queen alive?

Now available on Audible


Releases November 3, 2020

Amethyst rushes headlong into innovation and intrigue.

When their secrets are threatened in London, the Makers leave the country. Inspector Jenson heads out too, hunting dangerous traitors.

Feeling alone, Amethyst falls in with an American team developing a new aetheric engine. When their success draws interest from a private investor to test the engine’s capabilities on Pendine Sands, a trip to Wales is called for.

When the elements of her life come crashing back together, it’s not just Amethyst who’s in danger. In a high-stakes game of engines and intrigue, some people will try to change history forever.