I work as a freelance editor, a sole trader, and quote as Twisted Minx Editing.

I am what’s called a structural editor (also known as a developmental editor, or book doctor). This means I am often the first person other than the writer to see a story. So I’m here to make sure the story makes sense, follows the laws of nature/physics/magic, that the arcs arc, that loose ends are tied up (unless they shouldn’t be), and that the author has made the best of their own ideas without falling into too many trope traps.

Along with detailed comments, questions, and suggestions in the edited manuscript, clients get a full critique document giving an overall review of the manuscript.  I specialise in crime and science fiction, and my particular penchant is for getting timelines straight, a timeline that doesn’t hold water brings me out in a veritable rash but don’t worry I can cope with time travel so no fears there.

Contact me if you have questions or want a quote, or click here to read testimonials from some of my clients.

Services on offer:

Developmental Critique

Reading of the work with commentary on what does and does not work.  Highlighting what needs to be done and how the work can be moved forward into a more successful whole. What you receive back is a report on what needs to be done.

Structural Edit

Line by line editing of the manuscript, advising on specifics of style, scansion, and formatting. This is a detailed review of what does and does not work, with, were appropriate suggestions on how to fix it. What you receive back is your manuscript with changes tracked and comments on specific lines/words as necessary, and a report on what needs to be done.

Free Sample Edit

Knowing how important editor to writer fit is a one-time free sample edit is offered to new to me authors.  Up to 3,000 words will be edited free of charge so that the author can see what they get for their money.  This is a no-obligation service.

Please remember that edits and comments are made by a human, this means that there will by default be a level of subjectivity within the work, and that other readers will see things differently. The author is not obliged to adhere to all suggestions/changes.  Perfection is not guaranteed, but honest and constructive criticism is.

TESTIMONIALS: You don’t have to believe me, here’s what others say (some not sparing my blushes):

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