You don’t have to believe me, here’s what others say (some not sparing my blushes):

“What an editor Gail Williams turned out to be!  She had me weeping and laughing at the same time with her remarks and recommendations.  This is the second book she has worked with me on.

I have worked with other editors and they were good, but Gail seems to have a different approach, she’s tough but never judgemental, she seems to pick up on things that other editors would have missed.  If something in the story is wrong she will quickly point it out but not to the extent where you want to throw up your hands and run screaming into the woods.

I think, as an editor, Gail is exceptional.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to ensure that their manuscript is edited to the very highest standards.

I now feel utterly confident that I can go out there and offer my book to the world.”

Samantha Ford, author of “A Novel Out of Africa” series

“For my last couple of novels, I have used Gail’s fantastic editing services.

She offers a very professional edit, which I have to come to rely on. The edit is carried out in a reasonable time and is thorough and at an affordable price.

I would recommend Gail to anyone looking for an editor.”

Stuart Feild, author the John Steel series, and upcoming Ronin Nash series

“Gail has done three structural edits on two of my crime novels and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is supportive and approachable and I was particularly struck by her thoroughness and attention to detail. Aside from a great editing job she undertakes extensive research to double-check facts on behalf of the writer. She also had some highly insightful comments to make about my characters and plot. Indeed I came away feeling she knew my main character better than me!! 

I am now at the stage of having sent my first manuscript, ‘Who Robbed The Dead?’ off to publishers and am delighted to say I am getting some very positive feedback. Much of this I attribute to Gail for helping make me a much better writer. I will definitely be using her services in the future.”

Tana Collins, Author of the Inspector Jim Carruthers series

“As a first-time novelist, I wasn’t used to dealing with an editor, but Gail helped me all the way and was very easy to work with. From copy-editing to developmental advice, her reports were thorough and detailed. It was quite a shock when I saw just how much she had picked up on, but once I calmed down and looked at it in detail, I could see that she was absolutely right. I will definitely be using her again and highly recommend her.”

AM Thomas, author of “Intruders: Flight of the Kestrel”